Monday, July 30, 2012

Miniature Chocolate Cake

I was thinking of someways to use my left over strips of paper all together and I found a very interesting cake that enabled me to use all the colored papers together.

1 cm strips of paper

Then I paired them up and glued one end together.

Then I started rolling them up to form the base.

Then I crumpled some strips of brown colored paper and covered the whole base. I created a smaller base to create a 2 decker cake.

I rolled some small pieces of white cardboard paper to add a "piping" design of icing at the bottom of each layer. I've also added some paper roses to the cake to finish the look.

Miniature Chocolate Cake

The cake looks gorgeous, to me at least, with the other cakes I've made recently.

Quilled Miniature Chocolate Cake

Hope you liked my mini chocolate cake!

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