Monday, September 17, 2012

New Cupcakes!

Oh my, sorry for the long hiatus on posting. I hope you guys had a great weekend!
As the title say, here are my new quilled cupcakes.

I'm just curious how these would taste like if they were real :) I hope they taste good!

Miniature Quilled Cupcakes
Miniature quilled cupcakes

Miniature Quilled Cupcakes
These cupcakes are 1cm x 1cm in size, I just added some quilled strawberries and chocolate sticks as the toppings to them.

Hope you enjoyed this one!


  1. so cute! you're so talented! =)
    please join my post-birthday giveaway if you haven't yet dear. i hope you'll be one of my 3 winners! :D

  2. Thank you Rae Abigael!
    Love your blog! Thank you so much for dropping by :)